Friday, May 4, 2012

EDIT: Apparently the video I posted is no longer hosted on the site I originally found it.  I’m sure by now if you’re interested in the story regarding Father Kevin Lee you could Google it.

Came across this a bit ago, and for the lack of anything better to post I felt compelled to share.  I know most sane people are tired of hearing about the Catholic Church having scandal after scandal, but for once it’s not a report condemning homosexual priests, or exposing 30+ years of sick fucking pedophilia.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this one.  It’s not the first time, and through history there have been many married priests, bishops, and hell (no pun intended) I’m sure even those guys higher up.  I’ll admit I’m an idiot when it comes to history, so I cannot make any solid statements based on fact here.


So, here we have a priest, Father Kevin Lee, who fesses up to having been married for a year.  He’s not gay (which I could give a good God damn.  You’re gay, you’re gay.  It’s who you are) and he’s not rubbing his underfuzz up on little kids, so…what? It’s almost underwhelming.

For the practicing Catholics I’m sure it has sent many of the devout through a loop, and more than a few to their graves.  I’ve been on the outs, as far as good Catholics go, but for those who practice they follow the rules for a reason.  Is that not the purpose of belonging to an organized religion to begin with? To have structure?

Now, I can’t blame the guy- priest or not- for wanting to bang a hot Asian (sorry, Filipino) chick, but as someone who is supposed to set an example he’s kinda fucked this one up.  How are his congregation supposed to react? What is the world going to think? What kind of ripple, no, shockwave is this going to send through the Catholic church? How many more times am I going to use italics?!

I digress, I can’t help but to be silly.  I would do the same if a priest just came out and said he was gay.  It’s no big thing.  It’s human, is it not? For the sake of argument, I think it’s safe to say this guy doesn’t give a fuck.  He’s hittin’ that and he’s proud.  He also married her, God bless him, and is proud of that, too.  I’m sure in his own way he’s got a hard-on for the rebellious nature of his deeds, and for those of us who broke away from our strict religious parents we know exactly what that feels like.

Now, he did the honorable thing, and came out to the world with his dishonorable action, but his credibility is shot to hell (again, no pun).  He’s back in the mortal realm with you and I, but the funny thing is he’s always been here.  Priests are human, and a lot forget that.  It’s only when these things come to media’s attention that everyone cries “Lordy!” like it was never gonna happen.  He’s a good looking guy, and she’s a good looking gal- they smashed bits and, oh yea, got married when he already took vows as a priest.

He fucked up there, too, huh?

So, Fr. Kev cheated on the Church.  About that… he probably would have done better to have left the priesthood, and then moved on to the next phase of his life that he could never have anticipated in all his years of wisdom and offering guidance to people who looked to him for some sort of stability in their chaotic and cluttered meaningless material lives.  But then again, as much as we know ourselves how can predict what will happen in certain situations until it just…happens? Am I speaking from experience much? Unfortunately, the parallels are undeniable, but I’m not a priest.  Inexcusable, yes, but this isn’t about me.

Now, where were we?

This is going to cause change, again.  The church will begin to investigate priests under suspicion of being married, having a love interesting or being too “close” with people in their parish, and it’s gonna fuck up a lot of vacations for a lot of people.  It’s also going to breathe new life into the “missionary” position!


So, the Church has a new scandal.  It’s going to rock the boat in a different way, but it’s still going to leave people with a sense of loss, guilt, and any number of fucked emotional feelings towards someone they trusted.  Father Kevin is not a bad guy as far as the rest of us sinners can see, because he wanted to be happy.  If he found happiness inside that girl, then good for him.  Just sucks for him, because he has to answer to a billion or so Catholics wondering “WTF?,” but I guess he’s got a book deal for that.

People are going to be looking at their religious leaders in a different light, but as I said, and as history dictates, it’s been done before.  I wish I knew when the oath for celibacy was instated in the priesthood, but whenever it was I’m sure a lot had to do with curbing “other interests” getting in the way of dutifully serving the Lord and His people. 

Even if those interests are about 5’4”, tan, dark eyes, dark hair with plump pout-y lips.